Wayman McAllister

Wayman hails from Ft. Worth, TX but has been a denizen of the Oklahoma City metro ever since attending the University of Oklahoma where he studied psychology. He has been singing and playing the drums professionally since childhood. His most notable achievements as an artist and musician are performing in the New Music Seminar in New York City, NY with his college rock band Love Bomb, and founding the highly-successful 70's and 80's music cover band Banana Seat twenty years ago, as the band's drummer and primary lead singer. He now plays in the Portal Immortal tribute series band, which he also helped to found, in which over 50 rotating local artists from Oklahoma and Texas have participated. The band has held many successful performances paying tribute to bands and artists such as Genesis/Phil Collins, Steely Dan, Eagles, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, Tom Petty and U2. He is also a songwriter, and has performed on many original albums and recordings. Wayman is extremely resourceful, respect and well-connected. He is currently recruiting talent for the Beam artist client portfolio, in addition to currently working with the many musician friends he already represents.

Website: http://www.beammarketinggroup.com